Rock Hill Media Ventures

Curating, Incubating and Cultivating Ideas designed for mass consumption


Our World View

We are creative strategists and executers that work, play and live in the space (and sometimes the intersection) of MEDIA, SPORTS and SOCIETAL IMPACT. We live here because that’s where our experience and our hearts lie. Rock Hill Media Ventures is about our passions, dreams and creative spirit. We make sure to work with partners that share our values and how we look at the world. To put it simply, we look to be authentic, positive, inclusive, aspirational and have fun with everything that we do.




Thought leadership that will take your organization, brand or idea to new heights.


Digital/Social Media, Marketing Campaigns, Brand/Visual Identity, Press/Communications, Events; We connect you to the right audience.


We make, and invest in, great stuff for any (and every) platform in a variety of formats (e.g. Short Form, Long Form, Live Action, Animation)


“I am burdened

with glorious


Loki of asgard



So while Loki of Asgard (aka Son of Odin and Thor’s brother) might be a bit “misguided,” we appreciate having a healthy sense of purpose.

We started this journey because our friends, colleagues and business partners asked for it. We were getting emails and texts about our thoughts on how to grow a partner’s business. Our pro athlete friends wanted our help in building new strategic relationships. Consultants and strategists wanted insights on how to be more impactful storytellers. Foundations wanted to re-think traditional ways of doing things. Our content friends want to make stuff with us!

And many of our former colleagues (who are now close friends) were looking for ways to bring their considerable talents together to do really exciting, and deeply meaningful, work.

So here we are! Rock Hill Media Ventures